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Skills Development for Self Reliance
|| Office of Career Service
Mr Midialo Moses Omondi
  • Providing information on career and employment pathways(progression and potential employers) for different training programmes across all levels of learning and decision making.
  • Organizing Career development seminars, talks and lectures .
  • Maintaining resource centre and career related reference materials(one stop point of career information)
  • Conduct Exit and Entry Surveys for trainees
  • Organizing Career workshops


    The mission of the Office Of Career services is;

  • To provide opportunities which enable trainees to explore career options through job search preparation and pre-professional experiences
  • .
  • Our goal is to ensure that trainees are well informed and well prepared to make satisfying career choices.
  • Going forward we will constitute an advisory team which is dedicated to educating, advising and connecting students to opportunities in order to foster their intellectual ,social and personal transformations
    Departmental Advisory Committe
    The departmental Advisory committee is a representation of all departments within KTVC. The team is mandated to bring forth issues relating to their departments that would otherwise be omitted in decision making process.

    Student Ambassadorship

    The Office Of Career services endeavors to ensure that there is student involvement in all activities. It is with this in mind that student Ambassadorship is maintained at all times.Membership trainees Ambassadorship is obtained in cosultation with the departmental Advisory committee.Trainees will be encouraged to apply for Ambassadorship so as to enhance activities they resonate with.

  • To operationalise the Office Of Career Services
  • To create Industry linkages for students to obtain job and Internship opportunities
  • To producing holistic graduates who are prepared for the job market and entrepreneurial activities
  • To offer skills development to trainees to make them employable To mentor trainees and offer career advice