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Skills Development for Self Reliance
Mr. Toroitich K. Henry
Dean of Trainees

I thank almighty God for the far HE has brought us since we started this school. It has been quite full of encouraging experience.

The Dean of Students is concerned to helping all students at the college reach their fullest potentials in both co-curricula and curricula activities as well as help the students settle down and adjust to college life.

KTVC is accredited by the following regulatory bodies: TVETA, KNEC etc. Besides orientation and prayer days, KTVC students are informed about other communication channels available: KTVC website, Department notice boards, Students notice boards and through class representatives.
We provide a wide range of students support services along with opportunities for leadership experience and diverse student work environment.
  • Our office help students to connect to resources; that is, advise and assist students apply for TVET/HELB loans, bursaries as well as linkages to various County Government loans and bursary programs.
  • We also provide support and helps to create policies that impact each student’s experience.
  • Our office also helps students in times of problems and challenges when faced with concerns and struggles.
  • The office also oversees the entire scope of matters pertaining to students’ issues ranging from orientation, students associations, student council elections and general harmony in the various activities undertaken by students within the college.
  • Clubs and societies like, environment club, religious groups such as Catholic Students Association (CSA), Christian Union (CU), Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) and Red Cross
  • We also arrange for student motivation talks, prayer days and spiritual nourishments and assist students to overcome and manage any other emerging issues and challenges that may arise from time to time.

  • Thanks, and GOD bless you as you purpose to be part of us.